Mesmeraki also known as Sanjeet Singh Bhachu is a 21 year old artist/illustrator based in Birmingham, UK. The artist moniker of 'Mesmeraki' is one that Sanjeet created himself to reflect his own identity as well as his art. The self-devised work 'Mesmeraki' is formed of two parts; 'Mes' is derived from Mesmerizing, a sensation he believes only art can invoke which he combined with the untranslatable Greek word of 'Meraki', meaning to put your soul, love and utmost devotion into your work. 

Inspired by the Indian traditions, stories and symbols from a young age, Mesmeraki's artwork encapsulates the richness of Indian culture with a mix of colour, symbols and technique as well as adding his own symbols within, such as the lotus, a symbol of beauty, bravery and purity. As Sanjeet Singh Bhachu grows, so does Mesmeraki, as his artwork often reflects struggles and heartbreaks as well as the magic of life.